Honoring Twenty Years of Service

In March 2024, Mr. Vikas Vinaik and Mr.Vishal Khanna, Directors, will celebrate the completion of 20 Years with Yamuna Calcium. The production of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) at Yamuna Calcium was started in 2004, We never looked back since then. We successfully expanded our production capacity from 25MT to 35 MT per day in 2004, 50MT to 60MT per day in 2008 and again 80MT to 100MT per day in 2014 and now we attain a capacity of 150MT per day in 2019. Our products are now widely used by different Industry from Footwear to Paper and from PVC pipe to Food Products. We are one of the leading Precipitated Calcium Carbonate manufacturer in India situated at YamunaNagar, Haryana, India.

Late Sh. R.K.Khanna : After his graduation in Chemicals, Mr. R.K.Khanna started his career with Sturdia Chemicals (The first Calcium Carbonate Plant in India). Sturdia Chemicals was a JOINT VENTURE between John Sturdge of United Kingdom and Nusli Wadia of India.

  • calcium carbonate powder in Paper Industry

    Paper Industry

    CaCO3 is used by the paper Industry for increasing the paper quality while lowering the production cost

  • Calcium Carbonate Powder in Construction

    Buildings and Constructions

    Limestone, or ground calcium carbonate, is one of the most commonly used minerals in building products and construction applications

  • Calcium Carbonate Powder in Automotive Industry

    Automotive Applications

    Our products are used to improve the performance of a wide range of components in automobiles and trucks.

  • calcium carbonate powder in Plastic Industry

    Plastic Industry

    We are providing Calcium Carbonate for PVC Pipes,Cables, Leather Clothes,Footwear,Flooring etc.

  • calcium carbonate powder in rubber Industry

    Rubber Industry

    We are providing Calcium Carbonate for Rubber Industry which is used in Shoes,Tyres,Tubes,R.P. Granules

  • calcium carbonate powder in Pharmaceuticals

    Pharmaceuticals Industry

    We manufacture Calcium Carbonate for medicines which fulfills neutrients deficiency in body and raises calcium deficiency in blood.